The Naked Soul...

This time just another little something in english just to keep things going in this language. This text states exactly how I change people throughout my life span. Enjoy...

«Everyone you touch carries a little piece of you. You are beautiful. You are poetic. You are destructive. You build. You are purposeful. You are afraid. You are strong. You are brave. You don't want to get hurt. You don't hurt. You try to protect yourself. You give. You fall for the wrong person. You fall for the right person. You try to make it work. You try to break. You cry. You listen. You talk... you wish. You are a good man. You are a good girl. You are a good woman. You are a good boy. You are a little naughty. You are fun. You are a little bad but not evil. You like to laugh. You have humor. You are witty. You are passionate. You are alive. You are complete.

Some people are not like you. But when you meet then, love them well. A little piece of you in their lost soul can later transform them. The seeds of your love, care and kindness will germinate in their hearts, well, someday. But while it lasts, love them well.»

"Love them well. Love. Remember everyone you touch is forever changed."
-- Naked Soul (